What is GcMAF-Forte?


GcMAF-Forte (Gc Protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor) occurs naturally in the human body and activates macrophages to destroy cancer cells and foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Serious illnesses like cancer, HIV and viral hepatitis can be destroyed by GcMAF-Forte. GcMAF-Forte neutralizes our immune system to defend itself. This allows the disease to progress uncontrolled. We produce large amounts of new GcMAF-Forte in our specialized sterile laboratory. This highly active GcMAF-Forte is injected IV (intraveneous) or subcutaneously (SC) into the patient’s organism, usually once and in some cases 2 times a week. Over a matter of weeks and months, the immune system is strengthened through the activation of macrophages and begins to eradicate cancer cells, viruses and bacteria.

General Goals of GcMAF-Forte Therapy

GcMAF-Forte Therapy Overview

Other Important Points

  • Activating macrophages with High-Dose GcMAF-Forte is an important part of any treatment program which can be used alone or in combination with most other therapies.
  • GcMAF-Forte works especially well in synergy with targeted therapies which don’t harm the immune system. Examples of targeted therapies include hormone therapies, monoclonal antibody drugs, small-molecule drugs, signal transduction inhibitors (HER2 inhibitors, BRAF inhibitors, EGFR inhibitors), angiogenesis inhibitors, immunotherapy drugs (such as drugs that target CTLA-4 protein).
  • GcMAF-Forte has the advantage of having no side effects so treatment should be continued as long as necessary while the disease is present. This is a significant advantage over many conventional therapies which have cumulative toxicity that limits their use.
  • GcMAF-Forte never stops working and will continue to activate macrophages while treatment is continued, either by GcMAF-Forte injections.


GcMAF-Forte is produced using a new patented process which was developed by IMMI24. GcMAF-Forte is made in our sterile cell facility using this new and improved method which is much more concentrated and is more active and stable than other GcMAF currently available. More importantly, this much higher concentration GcMAF-Forte has been clinically demonstrated to be largely free of any side effects in the great majority of patients and is much more stable as it is resistant to oxidation.

  • 2 ml of High-Dose GcMAF-Forte is approximately 4.800 ng GcMAF.
  • GcMAF-Forte is a natural immunotherapy product.
  • Our GcMAF-Forte is produced under sterile conditions in a specialized facility.
  • Our new GcMAF-Forte has been safely used in hundreds of patients in our clinics. Treatment in our clinic has been by IV (intraveneous) and Subcutaneous (SC) injection.

What are Macrophages?

Macrophages (Greek: big eaters) are cells produced by the differentiation of monocytes, a type of white blood cell, in tissues. Macrophages function in both non-specific defense (innate immunity) as well as help initiate specific defense mechanisms (adaptive immunity) of vertebrate animals. Their role is to phagocytose (engulf and then digest) cellular debris and pathogens, either as stationary or as mobile cells. They also stimulate lymphocytes and other immune cells to respond to pathogens. They are specialized phagocytic cells that attack foreign substances, infectious microbes and cancer cells through destruction and ingestion.

Vitamin D-Binding Protein

Vitamin D binding protein is also known as Gc Protein. It is produced in our body, mainly in the liver, especially when we are exposed to the sun. This binding protein binds to 25 (OH) vitamin D in our body for transport and storage. There are different forms of Vitamin D BP, the most dominant being non-glycosylated 656 Da proteins. Vitamin DBP is the most important scavenger of extracellular G-actin, important in liver disease. Vitamin DBP activates macrophages through GaINAc- modified Gc Protein. Vitamin DBP has virtually no impact on the distribution, uptake, activation profile, or biological potency of the hormone vitamin D in our body, so too much is unlikely to be a problem. Vitamin D-binding protein is the basic macrophage activating factor in our body.

Factors that Influence Vitamin DBP Levels

Liver disease decreases levels of Vitamin DBP (Gc Protein). Chronic liver disease will decrease levels less than acute liver failure. Trauma and surgery will decrease Vitamin DBP. Septic infections will consume Vitamin DBP faster than production can be increased.

Normal Vitamin DBP (Gc Protein) levels in serum are 350-500 mg/l. Levels of Gc Protein less than 80 mg/l yield positive and negative mortality predictive values of 85% and 43% respectively. Survivors had levels greater than 102 mg/l.

What is the Macrophage Activation Factor?

Macrophage activation factor (MAF) are glycoproteins that increase macrophage activity and transform them into natural killer (NK) cells. Vitamin DBP (Gc Protein) is the primary MAF. The glycosylated Gc Protein is the best MAF.


If you wish to undergo a GcMAF-Forte therapy, contact us by email with details of your illness, current treatment and the quantities of GcMAF-Forte you require. Details of prices and payment are given below.

High-Dose GcMAF-Forte 2.0 ml vials (4.800 ng/2 ml): 390,- EUR

10 vials x 2.0 ml GcMAF-Forte (4.800 ng/2 ml)  10 doses cost 3.900,- EUR

  • Gc-MAF-Forte stable enough for shipping worldwide without significant losses in effectiveness during shipment.
  • Maximum effectiveness is also retained after two year of storage.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.