General Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of immunotherapy for the conduct of patient disputes

1. Scope

1.1. The following terms and conditions apply to the mediation of patients by the company Immunotherapy. The Immunotherapy itself does not treat patients. It acts solely as an intermediary. Immunotherapy is not involved in the performance.

1.2. In the case of mediation of a patient, a contract is concluded exclusively between the beneficiary (customer) and the service provider (clinic / university).

1.3. All conditions of the customer deviating from the General Terms and Conditions of the Immunotherapy shall not apply.


2. Subject of performance

2.1. The immunotherapy itself or with the help of third parties provides free and non-binding information about the prices of therapeutics and therapies. Information provided on the website does not constitute a binding contract offer from the company Immunotherapy or a respective service provider.

2.2. Immunotherapy mediates on the basis of a request or offer made by the user to conclude a service relationship request to the respective service provider. Immunotherapy does not assume any obligations beyond the mediation of contacts. The immunotherapy itself does not treat patients. Any information about the services and conditions or other information provided by Immunotherapy does not constitute a consulting service to the user, but is intended solely to facilitate the independent decision of the user, to which Immunotherapy has no influence.

2.3. The user receives an appointment confirmation online. The costs of a first consultation are only for information, which is paid in full in the respective clinic. A confirmation of the receipt of a booking request does not constitute acceptance of the offer yet.


3. Warranty and liability

3.1. Immunotherapy is constantly trying to make sure that the therapies / therapeutics offer is always up-to-date and correct. The performance and / or product-related information, in particular regarding the range of services, prices and conditions, are based on the information provided by the respective hospitals and universities. Immunotherapy’s liability for the up-to-dateness, completeness and correctness of the presented offers as well as for the timely, complete and correct forwarding of the information is excluded.

3.3. Immunotherapy gives no guarantee as to the suitability and availability of the presented offers and accepts no liability for the availability of the services presented. None of the information is a commitment, a guarantee or assurance by immunotherapy.


4. Obligations of the user

4.1. The input and transmission of the personal data by the user takes place online via the input masks prepared by the company Immunotherapy. The user is solely responsible for the correctness entered by the user in the input form or otherwise transmitted data. In the case of misstatements by the user, Immunotherapy is entitled to leave the request unprocessed. In the case of transmission of deliberately untrue personal data by the user, Immunotherapy reserves the right to exclude it from the use of the offered services and to demand compensation for damages incurred.

4.2. The free use of immunotherapy services is only permitted for individuals or companies for the sole purpose of entrepreneurial needs. The use of the immunotherapy services for other or commercial purposes or also in the context of a comparable, independent professional activity in the area of ​​mediation of performance conditions and / or the use of the information is expressly prohibited.

4.3. A contractual penalty of Euro 2.500 shall be deemed to have been agreed for every instance of the culpable violation of the prohibition of commercial or independent professional use.