Diseases for GcMAF-Therapy

  • Gc-MAF macrophage activation therapy is useful in the treatment of many diseases, such as cancer, HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Hepatitis C virus (HCV), Herpes Simplex virus (HSV), Tuberculosis, Pneumonia infection, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), cystitis/urinary tract infection (UTI), Endometriosis, Selective IgA deficiency disorder and influenza virus.
  • In healthy individuals the immune system may be able to overcome many kinds of diseases, however people with a compromised immune system will benefit from GcMAF-Forte therapy.
  • In the great majority of people there are no side-effects with our GcMAF-Forte therapy.
  • Treatment in our clinic has been by administer GcMAF-Forte Subcutaneous (SC) or Intraveneous (IV).


GcMAF-Forte in Combination With Other Treatments

GcMAF-Forte can be safely used with a wide variety of other standard treatments and drugs to improve their effect. We refer to this as integrative medicine.
  • A combination with anti-cancer drugs and radiation therapy (radiotherapy) is possible. For maximum effect and benefit from GcMAF-Forte, administer a few days apart from chemotherapy. Radiation therapy does not have significant effects on GcMAF-Forte, so both can be used together at any time. In our clinical experience we have observed significant cancer killing effects from GcMAF-Forte combined with palliative radiotherapy in patients who underwent substantial prior chemotherapy treatment.
  • Studies show that GcMAF-Forte has anti-angiogenic activity in addition to tumor killing activity through the activation of macrophages.
  • GcMAF-Forte can be combined with Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT), Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) or both (Sonophotodynamic Therapy, SPDT), Maitake Extract, Coley Vaccine (Coley Fluid), high-dose IV Vitamin C, low dose Naltrexone (LDN), Alpha-Lipoic Acid, hyperthermia therapy, immunotherapies and cancer vaccines (such as autologous cancer vaccine).
  • GcMAF-Forte should be used in combination with at least 5,000 IU vitamin D3 daily. Blood levels of vitamin D are often low in many diseases such as cancer, HIV AIDS, etc. Normal vitamin D levels are required for GcMAF to work fully. Have your blood 25 hydroxy-vitamin D and calcium levels tested. If blood calcium levels become elevated, vitamin D3 doses may need to be reduced to achieve an optimal balance.


Combinations to Avoid

GcMAF-Forte can be safely used with a wide variety of drugs and other treatments. However, we recommend:
  • Minimal use of steroids is desirable because of their immune suppressing effect however steroids may be safely used with GcMAF-Forte if necessary and prescribed by your physician.
  • Radiation therapy is preferred over chemotherapy whenever possible.
  • Don’t use GcMAF-Forte with Cortisone or Prednisolone.